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I am a postdoc at Masaryk University and I currently study the evolution of Angiosperms in Europe.

With an interdisciplinary profile I define myself as a paleoclimatoecologist.
After studying biology, with a BSc in organismal biology (botany) and a MSc in ecology,
specialized in paleoenvironment reconstruction, I recently completed a PhD in paleoclimate modelling.

These last four years, I have been working on the middle Eocene to early Oligocene climate evolution with fossil plants (through a functional approach) and then an Earth System Model.

I am also interested in other periods, but I haven't had the chance to work on older than Jurassic questions yet.

My research interests are (mostly) divided into three axes:

(a). Paleo-environment/-climate reconstruction
(b). Methodology associated with paleo- proxies (at the moment: methods based on fossil leaves),
(c). Effect of global changes on past diversity (paleoecology / macroevolution).


From time to time, I enjoy setting up and animate popular science activities dedicated to any type of public.


Hi and thanks for visiting!

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